About Us

SDE Consulting Asia Pty Ltd is owned and operated by the Managing Director Michael Cowling. Mr. Cowling primarily spent his working life involved in Structural Steel Fabrication and Construction, starting a small fabrication workshop in Bell Bay Tasmania servicing the major industrial sector. Major clients included Comalco Aluminium Smelter, BHP Temco Smelter, Starwood MDF Plant, and Beaconsfield Gold Mine. The Company grew to become a preferred supplier to the above clients and grew to a staff level of over 120 covering Engineering Design, Shop Detailing, Fabrication, Surface Protection and Site Construction, completing major projects up to $10 Million Dollars.

After the sale of this Company and a move to Queensland, Mr. Cowling launched a smaller Fabrication/ Construction facility in Brisbane, servicing small industrial projects. After becoming involved with 3D Tekla Structures software throughout this stage and seeing the great potential of this software, Mr. Cowling decided to move from the fabrication and construction and primarily concentrate on developing the Shop Detailing Business and formed SDE Consulting Asia Pty Ltd.

Since the start of this most recent business in 2007 a very experienced team has been recruited and trained to manage major projects the Company has been awarded. Totalling 20 detailing staff all of whom come from a fabrication and steel detailing background. All staff are very experienced and proficient with Tekla Structures and have a vast knowledge of Shop Detailing.